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With a large international team, someone is always available to support overseas students socially, emotionally or academically. 

John Paul College’s International Student Services Centre has a dedicated team and bilingual staff who offer support to international students with:

  • Student enquiries
  • Assistance with Medical insurance
  • Airport pickup
  • Orientation Program
  • Health and counselling services
  • Careers service
  • Ongoing support with language
  • Academic and personal matters

Through our partners at Allianz, we provide an emergency after-hours hotline which students can call at any time outside of school hours.

Allan Dam
International Engagement Manager
English / Vietnamese

Josephine Zhong
International Admission Coordinator
English / Cantonese / Mandarin

Grace Nai
ISS Accommodation and Welfare
English / Mandarin

Soo Kim
Executive Assistant to the Director JPIC
English / Korean

Sae Fujimura
Study Tour Coordinator
English / Japanese


Deputy Director
John Paul International College