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What is an ATAR?

It is possible to complete Year 12 without being eligible for an ATAR and still get a QCE.

Queensland’s standard pathway to tertiary entry, for Year 12 school leavers, will be the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). ATARs are calculated by Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

The ATAR is used nationally and indicates a student’s position relative to other ATAR-eligible students. Queensland ATARs are based on a student’s:

  • best five General subject results, or
  • best results in four General subjects, plus one Applied subject, or
  • best results in four General subjects, plus one VET qualification at Certificate III or above.

To be eligible for an ATAR, students must successfully complete an English subject. The result in English will only be included in the ATAR calculation if it is one of the student’s best five scaled results. English subjects include:

  • English 
  • English as an Additional Language 
  • English and Literature Extension 
  • Literature 
  • Essential English 

Please Note

  • Most universities do not accept Essential English
  • Some universities require a B grade in Engish as an Additional Languagee

What an ATAR Tells Universities

  • indicates a student’s position relative to other students in their graduating year.
  • is a 2000 point scale from 99.95 down to 0.00.
  • scores of less than 30.00 will be expressed as 30 and below.
  • scores are calculated by QTAC for entry into university courses

Students will receive their ATAR in December.

Students should speak with the JPC Careers Counsellor before making a QTAC account.