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John Paul College is a wireless campus. Each student from Years 4 -12 is supplied with a notebook computer and the College offers technical hardware and software support via Techsphere, a team of IT professionals is integral to teaching and learning at the College and our teaching staff are leaders in this field. Communication with parents, staff and students is via JPConnect, our cutting-edge communication portal, and email.

Science and Technology ​are intertwined within our core offerings at JPC. Students develop transferable skills from Year Seven through experiencing hands-on Science, Design, Digital and Technologies programs. 

These transferable problem-solving skills and processes transcend subject-specific content and enable students to develop solutions to the complex problems that challenge them within each subject. It is with these skills that students will be well equipped to deal with the modern world that awaits them after Secondary School. 

At JPC, we pride ourselves on developing the 21st-century skills all young adults will need in order to flourish in the contemporary workforce and in particular, in the ever-growing STEM industries.  

At JPC we offer multiple STEM subjects and programs:
  • Science – General Science for Years Seven to Ten, Biology, Psychology, Physics an​d Chemistry for Years 10.5 to Twelve
  • Technology – Digital Technologies for Years Seven to Ten and Digital Solutions for Years 10.5 – Twelve
  • Engineering – Design for Years Seven to Twelve, Engineering and Industrial Technology Skills for Years 10.5 to Twelve.
We also offer enrichment programs such as:
  • Griffith STEM Ambassador Program
  • QUT STEM internship program 
  • Stem Horizons Program plus more.