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Enrolment Applications

JPIC Enrolment Portal for International Students

The JPIC Enrolment Portal enables agents to lodge applications entirely online through easy-to-use steps. The portal allows agents to see all of their students and where they are in the application process.

All documents between agents and the College are shared through the Portal.

Please note that Temporary Resident visa holders (e.g. 188) should not apply through the JPIC Enrolment Portal. Please continue through the JPC domestic application process.

What you need at the APPLY stage:

  • Applicant details
    • Certified copy of current passport or birth certificate
    • Certified copies and translated academic reports for the last two years
    • Evidence of English language proficiency (if available)
    • Specialist reports or academic references (if available)
    • Photo of the student
    • Photo of the family
  • Primary caregiver & contact details
  • Medical and Insurance Information
  • Learning and General Information
  • Accommodation Details (e.g. homestay, boarding or living with relative)
  • Application fee payment

Agents have the option to ‘Share Application’ with a parent at this stage. If agents choose to do this, parents can either enter the above information themselves or check the details the agent has entered. Sharing the application will also allow parents to pay the application fee directly through the portal if they prefer not to give agents credit card details.

At the end of this stage, agents can download the JPIC Enrolment Application: Terms and Conditions pdf for parents to sign. The entire completed application can also be downloaded.

In the Eligibility stage:

  • JPIC will assess the student’s report cards from the last two years and any English language proficiency certificates
  • JPIC will provide interview time options with a link for the academic interview and accommodation interview if student needs JPIC accommodation
  • JPIC will also provide a link for the student to sign up to JPIC Academy and complete the ‘JPIC Interview Course’

Links are sent to the agent who then forwards these to students/parents.

In the OFFER stage:

  • JPIC issue:
    • a Letter of Offer
    • a Written Agreement

These documents are based on the information in the 1. Apply stage, so agents should make sure this information is correct to avoid any delays.

Once JPIC sends the Written Agreement through the Portal, agents can send the document to parents for signing. Agents then upload the full signed documents back to the Portal.

In the VISA stage:

  • JPIC issue:
    • CoE(s)
    • CAAW (if applicable)
  • Agents will need to provide a copy of the student’s visa notification¬†

Agents will then use this stage to inform JPIC of the student’s visa status e.g. the student has received his/her visa. JPIC generally needs this visa information before proceeding to the 5. Pre arrival stage.

In Pre-Arrival stage:

  • Agents provide the student’s OSHC certificate/details if they arranged it
  • JPIC provide the student’s OSHC certificate/details if we arranged it
  • Agents provide JPIC with a copy of the student’s e-ticket detailing travel to Brisbane or Gold Coast airport
  • Agents provide information about airport pickup arrangements or confirm that the College should arrange this.
  • JPIC will provide accommodation details (e.g. homestay profile) if applicable

JPIC Enrolment Portal

Feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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