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Monitoring Course Progress and the Role of Agents

As agents, it’s very important that you help parents understand the course progress. If a student does not make satisfactory progress, they will receive a course progress letter.

Please note that parents may need your help when they receive this letter. So, be ready to offer the necessary support and guidance.

For students in Prep – Year 6 CRICOS 010139J

Students must get at least a Pass/C-/satisfactory (or similar) in main subjects each Semester.

For students in Years 7 to 10 CRICOS 082662E

Students must get an average grade of C- across main subjects.

Students in the senior secondary course (Year 11 to 12) must stay eligible for a QCE

For students in High School Preparation CRICOS 0100089 and International Primary Preparation CRICOS 049712G

Academic Expectations: We expect students to meet the Standard in all English subjects. Active participation and a strong dedication to their studies are key.

Study Habits and Behaviour: Students should show good or better learning habits in most of their subjects. Also, their behaviour should reflect the College’s Values and Expectations.

Unsatisfactory Course Progress: If a student doesn’t meet the satisfactory course progress or our expectations for Study Habits and Behaviour, we consider their course progress as unsatisfactory.

Duration of the courses:

  • High School Preparation Course CRICOS 0100089 has a maximum duration of 66 weeks
  • International Primary Preparation Course CRICOS 049712G has a maximum duration of 28 weeks