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Understanding the Genuine Student Requirement and John Paul College’s Expectations

As representatives of John Paul College, it is crucial that that we ensure prospective students fulfill the Genuine Student requirement. This not only aligns with the government’s regulations but also ensures that we maintain the integrity and quality of our school community.

At John Paul College, we seek more than academically proficient students. We value:

Exemplary Behaviour:  We believe that a student’s conduct significantly contributes to their overall development. We are in search of students who exhibit respect, responsibility, and a positive attitude towards their peers and educators.

Teacher Endorsements: A commendation from a previous teacher can provide valuable insights into a student’s capabilities and character. It offers us a glimpse into their learning attitude, social skills, and their potential to enhance our community.

Referee Statements: We appreciate when a referee can vouch for a student’s abilities, character, and genuine interest in pursuing their education in Australia.

Our primary objective is to identify authentic students who will not only reap the benefits of studying in Australia but also contribute positively to our school community and uphold the values of John Paul College.