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John Paul International College has been making overseas students feel welcome in Australia since 1997. Our overseas student support staff have worked together for many years and are leaders in the industry, presenting at conferences around Australia and overseas.

  • 1982 John Paul College (JPC) – widely recognised as a pioneering school, navigating the business and cultural challenges of the export of international education services.
  • 1997 Following significant growth we took the brave step to open John Paul International College (JPIC) – “Your Passport To A elGlobal Future” to help international students meet academic entry standards and develop study, language, and cultural skills, to ensure a smooth and successful transition to Australian mainstream classes and subsequent Higher Education.
  • 2003 Our International Primary Preparation Course became the first NEAS endorsed Primary Program in Australia.
  • 2004 IDP Award
  • 2015 Hong Kong Australia Business Award
  • 2018 Our High School Preparation Course received the inaugural endorsement as “Gold Standard” NEAS Premium Product.
  • 2022 Queensland Export Award
    NEAS Premium Product Award, JPIC Academy
  • 2023 The Educator’s 5-Start Innovative Schools