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Who can I speak to if I want to talk or feel unsafe?

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If you want to speak to someone about your feelings, you can talk to one of our counsellors. You might want to talk about:

  • Your studies
  • Missing home
  • Your friendships
  • Difficult subjects

You can make an appointment to see on of the counsellors by email. They are also Student Protection Officers.

Dr Larmar

Counsellor Secondary School


Ms Bath

Counsellor Secondary School


Feeling Safe

You can speak to any teacher or staff member if you do not feel safe or if you would like to tell them about something that has happened. If you ever feel worried about anything, please make sure you come and speak with us. You should speak to us about any of the below straight away:

  • Physical abuse is where somebody hurts your body; it may leave marks or bruises e.g. hitting, shaking, shoving, kicking, biting or scratching.
  • Emotional abuse is hurting you with words or not properly caring for you emotionally e.g. name calling, yelling, rejecting, ignoring, criticising or parents fighting in front of you.
  • Sexual abuse is where somebody gets you involved in sexual activity e.g. touching you in your private areas, showing you pornography or watching you naked.
  • Neglectful abuse is when you are not given the things you need to feel safe and secure e.g. not treating you when you’re hurt or sick, not having food to eat, leaving you alone for long periods of time.

Abuse is not ok. You should speak to a teacher if you are worried.


Bullying involves one or more people repeatedly and deliberately doing things to make another person upset, afraid or hurt. A person or a group of people might feel that they have more power than someone else and use hurtful words or actions to bully them. Bullying is not just ‘playing around’ – it can really affect someone’s feelings and emotions.

Speak to your teacher if you or someone else is being bullied.

Student Protection Officers