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Course Progress is very important

High School Preparation

In each JPIC Level, you must achieve the ‘the Standard’ to make satisfactory course progress. You will be given a mark in three way:

1. Working towards the standard 

2. Meeting the standard

3. Exceeding the standard

To make satisfactory course progress you should meet the standard in the subjects below. Your teacher will explain the standard you are expected to meet and show / provide you example







If you do not achieve the Standard but you have tried very hard, you may be able to move to the next JPIC Level / graduate into the Secondary School.

At the end of the High School Preparation Course, you need the following before graduating:

  1. Satisfactory progress (as above)
  2. Good effort grades (DARTS)
  3. Adherence to School Values( MICE)
  4. 70+ AEAS score

Secondary School Years 7-10

In Years 7 Р10, you must get at least a C- in core subjects to make satisfactory course progress. Core subjects include the below.




History / Geography / HASS

Secondary School Years 11-12


You must remain eligible for a QCE

Years 11 and 12 are very important. You will be studying for your Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), which is your High School Certificate. Here are some of the things you need to be eligible for a QCE.

20 Credits

Each subject unit is worth 1 credit. There are 4 units in a subject

Good Grades

Passing grades / C grade or above / Satisfactory completion

More about Eligibility

Please click here to go to the QCAA Eligibility page