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JPIC Study Abroad Programs are 4-10-week experiences. The curriculum for Study Abroad has a more academic focus than Study Tours and is typically for students who have at least an intermediate level of English. Study Abroad is JPIC’s flagship overseas study group Program as it includes an academic curriculum and access to the JPC Buddy Program.

The Buddy Program is different for each booking and more information can be obtained during the inquiry process. Prior to commencement of the JPC Buddy Program, student English levels are tested to assure the Buddy Program is beneficial. If students do not achieve the suggested English level (equivalent to minimum IELTS 4), then the Buddy Program may be altered to better suit students.

Study Abroad shares some characteristic of Study Tours, such as focus on Character Strengths. Excursions can also be coupled with the Program.

Study Abroad Programs are suggested through the following themes, which have been derived from the Australian Curriculum and adapted for English language learners.

Theme 1: Landscapes and Landforms of Australia – Geography inquiry

Theme 2: Changing Nations – Human geography inquiry

Theme 3: Exam Preparation – IELTS and TOFEL