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Important Information to Consider

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Group Size

Between 12 and 100 students

Maximum Class Size

20 students per class / per JPC teacher Note:  20, 40, 60, 80, 100 students are the most cost-effective size.

Length of Visit

From 5 days (minimum) to 10 weeks (maximum)

Age of Students

Students aged 10 to 17 years

When can we accept groups?

Groups can arrive anytime from early January until mid-December 

Student Medical Information

The College does not accept student groups without ALL documentation being completed to the College’s satisfaction and in a timely manner.  

Agents are required to ensure the following documents are complete and accurate.

Student List and Homestay Pairing Form (excel)

Student Homestay Profile

Student Medical Profile


John Paul International College (JPIC) does NOT offer Integration or immersion in Australian Classes with Australian buddies.

After School Activities

Do you require after school activities form 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm?   Please remember that this will increase the cost to your students.

Weekend Activities

Please note that Saturday activities will increase costs.

Homestay families are encouraged to involve students in normal weekend activities and events.

We do not offer sightseeing experiences on a Sunday.

Deposit Payable

A Deposit of AUD$4,000 is payable to secure and reserve dates. 

No dates will be reserved without payment of deposit.

Accompanying Teachers

As a condition of JPIC offering a Group Study Tour, the adults must always remain with the students on our campus.

Accompanying Adults’ English

An accompanying adult must be able to communicate in English.

Parents of visiting students

As this experience is designed to encourage maturity, independence and self-sufficiency in children, we do not encourage parents to travel with their children but allow students to be responsible for their own journey.  

We cannot provide or organise homestay or hotel accommodation for parents. We cannot provide transportation for parents.


Provided by John Paul College approved Homestay Providers for students.

Teachers can also be accommodated in homestay.

Parents cannot be accommodated in homestay.

A four-step process ensures that JPIC College Homestay environment for the visiting students is safe and appropriate and any risk of harm is minimised. Homestay providers:

provide a caring and nurturing environment,

sharing their Australian life and culture.

provide three meals and snacks per day

drive students to and from the College.


Homestay parents drive students to and from school daily.  Students are not permitted to take public transport or travel unescorted.


Homestay providers provide three meals per day and snacks. Lunch is provided in a lunch box.

No Commission is payable

Please note that JPIC does not pay agents commission.

JPIC sells you a tour at a price.  You then add your % commission if you wish, and then on-sell the tour to your clients.  

Dress Code

Students must wear School Uniform worn in home country.  

If the visiting school does not wear a school uniform then black or navy trousers/skirt and white collared shirt with a navy or black jumper is acceptable.   Jeans and shorts are not appropriate

Student Maturity and Behaviour

As ambassadors for their home country, school and family, visiting students are expected to show a high standard of self-discipline and behaviour and are expected to contribute in a positive and respectful manner.  

As such, we encourage visiting students to use their time away from family to:

Learn and strengthen their decision-making skills

Find motivation to self-manage and succeed in challenging tasks

Develop resilience in unusual or unexpected situations

Manage freedom and independence away from family support

Develop communication skills.

Students who demonstrate unacceptable behaviour will be required to leave the program.