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Study Tour Groups

John Paul International College (JPIC) does not offer Integration or immersion in Australian Classes with Australian buddies for Study Tours

Integration in Australian classes is of no benefit to visiting students who visit for a short time and is a distraction to Australian students.

  • Valuable learning time is wasted. 
  • Australian curriculum here i s Inquiry-Based learning.  Students develop knowledge through private research and inquiry rather than by a teacher instructing the class.
  • Low levels of English mean comprehension of the lesson is limited.
  • Visiting students do not have access to the College’s network or access to lesson material.
  • Visiting students are not engaged during Australian classes.
  • Australian students are distracted during classes.
  • Friendships are not formed in such a short time.

Study Abroad Groups

There may be integration opportunities for Study Abroad groups staying with us for at least 4 weeks.

As part of this consideration, students should have an English language equivalent to JPIC Level 4.

It is the agent’s responsibility to assess students English ability. No formal test is required. Planned integration may be cancelled if students do not have the necessary English requirements.