Lesson 7, Topic 1
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Working Part-Time

You may want to get a part-time job during your time at John Paul College. 

This is ok, but there are some rules.

Are you allowed to have a part-time job?

Students 16 years of age or over can have a part-time job.

Students under 16 years of age cannot have a part-time job

Some other important rules

  • Only students in Years 11 and 12 can have a part-time job
  • Students can only work on:
      • Fridays after school
      • Saturdays
      • Sunday mornings or afternoons – not after 5pm
  • Only students who are achieving satisfactory course progress and attendance can have a part-time job
  • Students with a part-time job must still be home by the right time
  • Students on a Student Visa are only allowed to work a certain number of hours. This is because you are not in Australia to work. You are here to study