Lesson 1, Topic 1
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You should write 2-3  sentences to repeat the main points you wrote in the introduction. Try not to use the same words.

Let’s look at our topic again:

Do mobile phones help students learn? Why?

The two main points in our introduction are:

  • Students can use mobile phones to translate new vocabulary
  • ¬†Students can use mobile phones to do online quizzes for teachers

Here is an example of the Summary of the Points

Students can use their mobile phones to translate and learn new words.

Phones can also prove very useful when students do online quizzes.

Thesis Reiteration (Repetition)

Your Thesis is like your spine in your body. Every other part of the essay must connect to the spine (thesis).

Your thesis is your answer. The two points support your answer.

Here is an example of the Thesis repeated again in the conclusion. Don’t forget to use different words such as synonyms but don’t change the meaning.

That’s why I think that mobile phones can help students learn.

Your Final Statement is your last sentence in the conclusion.   

Here is an example Final Statement

Every student should have a mobile phone.