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Rationale for the High School Preparation Course

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The John Paul International College High School Preparation Course (HSPC) is designed to address the English language learning needs of Overseas Students (as defined by the ESOS Act) and EAL/D students who intend to undertake secondary studies at secondary school. The HSPC consists of English, Mathematics and Science.  The course is designed to prepare students to participate fully in the life of secondary school and therefore the curriculum (formal and informal) is designed to encourage the development not only of language proficiency, but also the academic literacy and cultural capital necessary for the students to successfully become an active participant in this learning context.

The current John Paul College strategic direction and vision, the imperatives of the national curriculum, and the John Paul College curriculum and Pedagogical Framework underpin the High School Preparation Course. It has literacy and numeracy as its core focus as well as goals to encourage students to analyse, draw inferences and assess written information whilst incorporating computer literacy across the curriculum.