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Overall English Learning Outcome Summary

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The Focus of Study document also indicates the overall Learning Outcome.  For example, Class Level 5 has a Learning Outcome of 6.  Table 3 Exit Learning Outcomes lists the required Learning Outcomes for exit from each class level and/or exit into John Paul College’s mainstream. Table 4 Correlation Chart lists the required entry and exit results for each class level in comparison to a range of external exams.

To progress from one Class Level to the next Class Level, for example from Class Level 1 to Class Level 2, it is recommended students have the following final grades (a combination of Mid-Term, End of Term, Prepared Assignment and Continuous Assessment – see 3.1). Letter grades are derived from criteria-based marking per assessment.

Students who do not achieve satisfactory course progress after a settling in period and two consecutive Study Periods (two terms) shall be deemed as making unsatisfactory course progress. A settling in period is one term. Students are making Unsatisfactory Course Progress when an assessment task is completed and does not meet the Set Standard.

When creating the Assessment Overview, teachers need to ensure all four macro-skills have been assessed prior to Unsatisfactory Course Progress is issued.  Key stakeholders and students will be notified in writing of Unsatisfactory Course Progress