Lesson 7, Topic 1
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Other important expectations

Inviting Friends Over

You must check with your homestay before inviting friends to visit, especially if the invitation includes a meal. Many homestays have house rules regarding where visitors can meet, according to their home environment.

Damage in Homestay

Please check with your homestay about rules and requirements for different rooms and appliances in the house. You are responsible for any damage you cause.


Your homestay will provide you with internet. You do not need to pay extra. You should remember that not all homestays have unlimited data and that internet speeds may vary. The internet should mostly be used for studying and contacting home. Different homestays will have different internet time rules, but in general you should not be using the internet after 10pm.

Phone Calls

It is easier for you to call your family and friends overseas over the Internet or via your mobile phone. If you use your mobile phone, you should make sure that you have a plan with international calls. If you need to use your homestay’s landline, please ask first. Different homestays will have different phone time rules, but in general you should not be using the phone after 10pm.

Bad Behaviour, drugs, alcohol, smoking and gambling

The use of offensive language, illegal drugs, smoking or being in the presence of smoking, consumption of alcohol, taking or possessing illegal drugs, carrying or possessing dangerous objects, and stealing are regarded as serious breaches of discipline.
In Australia, it is illegal for people under 18 to smoke, drink alcohol, gamble, or visit casinos or clubs. The reputation of the College must be maintained at the highest level at all times while you are enrolled at the College.

Please see the College Substance Misuse (Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco) Policy