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Language and Skills

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The Language and skills section in each Theme gives an overview of the required language and skills to successfully complete the learning experiences and tasks outlined in the Focus of Study and Learning Experiences. Language and Skills is divided into four sub-categories: Key Language for Theme, Essential Vocabulary, Skills and Links to the Mainstream.

Key Language for Theme lists the grammar points required to complete the learning activities and assessment tasks described in the Focus of Study and Learning Experiences.  There will not be enough class time to complete all the grammar points and therefore some will need to be studied as part of the students’ home learning programme and/or it is up to the teacher’s discretion to teach the Key language for Theme according to student needs.

Key Language for Theme and relevant units in the English for Everyone Course Book or English Grammar in Use textbooks have been labelled as follows:

  • L2 03 = English for Everyone Level 2 Book Unit 03
  • EGU 10 = English Grammar in Use Unit 10

Essential Vocabulary and Skills outline the types of vocabulary and skills required to complete assessment tasks and/or language learning activities described in the Focus of Study and Learning Experiences.

Links to the mainstream lists concepts and skills students need exposure to in order to be successful in the mainstream classroom.