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General Statement

Your General Statement should be a general, or broad, sentence about the subject. In this case, we are writing about how students use mobile phones to learn. The General Statement should not have any details but should tell the reader what subject the essay is about.

Let’s look at our question again?

Do mobile phones help students learn? Why?

So, in our General Statement, we want to use the words (or synonyms):

  • students (who we are writing about)
  • mobile phones (what we are writing about)

Here is an example General Statement

School students in many countries around the world




mobile phones from a young age



Your Thesis is like your spine in your body. Every other part of the essay must connect to the spine (thesis).

Your thesis is your answer. The ideas that you brainstormed earlier support your answer.

Imagine what would happen if you changed your answer in the middle of your essay! You would have to start again.

spine, ellipses, circle

Here is an example Thesis

I strongly believe that mobile phones can help students learn for two reasons.

(Your answer)


Your Preview tells the reader what your Body Paragraphs will be about. Remember, your Body Paragraphs will be about your 2 best ideas from brainstorming.

In this case:

  1. Translating words
  2. Online quizzes

Here is an example Preview

Firstly, students can use mobile phones to translate new vocabulary. Secondly, students can use mobile phones to do online quizzes for teachers.