Lesson 10, Topic 1
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Final Agreement – New Homestay Provider

Electronic Agreement Information

By agreeing to the terms, standards and declarations set out in this training course, you agree to the electronic signing method. For the avoidance of any doubt, electronic signatures can include:

  • Checking a box or a ‘click to accept’ button
  • Typing a name
  • Pasting an image of a signature
  • Drawing a name or initial with a stylus or by hand on a touchpad 
  • Electronically signing with a service such as DocuSign eSignature and Adobe Sign

In this agreement, you will be electronically signing through checking a box.

Homestay Provider Suitability Declaration

To the Principal of John Paul College

All household members declare that:

  1. I/We have not been referred to, or treated by a professional for:
    • alcohol-related behaviour
    • drug dependency, or
    • mental health.
  2. I/We have never been convicted of a criminal offence, had an offence proven against me, or been fined for any offence;
  3. I/We have never been the subject of a family law order past or current;
  4. I/We have never been the subject of a domestic violence order past or current;
  5. I/We am not currently in the process of other court proceedings with respect to my behaviour.

I/We understand that any false or misleading statement given in, or associated with, this declaration is sufficient grounds to terminate any homestay placement made by the College, without prejudice or remedy.

Homestay Provider Duty of Care and Student Protection Declaration

To the Principal of John Paul College

All household members declare that:

  1. I/we have received and read the Information for the Protection of Students policy at John Paul College.
  2. Every student in our home will be treated as a member of our family, share in our family life and enjoy the privileges of our Australian lifestyle.
  3. I/we will model and encourage behaviour that upholds the dignity and protection of students from abuse, harm and neglect.
  4. I/we will provide the basic necessities to support their health, development and well-being including:
    • Food
    • Hygienic, secure living conditions
    • Personal hygiene
    • Timely provision of medical treatment
    • Appropriate supervision
  5. I/we will report all matters of abuse and harm, likely or suspected to the College.