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English Assessment Scope and Sequence

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Research shows (Hattie, 2012) student performance is increased when testing is short, frequent and accompanied by feedback (d = 0.62). Consequently, the HSP assessment Scope and Sequence ensures students have frequent and multiple opportunities to show their learning. It also allows for teachers to use the feedback from the tests to modify their instruction and attend to the strengths or gaps in student performance.

Table 1: Assessment Scope ad Sequence Term 1 2020 shows the Mid-Term Assessment, End of Term Assessment and Prepared Assignment tasks for each Class Level. The assessment tasks have been organised to increase with difficulty from Class 1 up to Class 5.

The listed assessment tasks are to be completed in Week Four, Week Eight and Week Ten as per the Teaching Scope and Sequence (See 2.1). (Note: In shorter terms an adjustment of the weeks within which Mid-Term and End of Term Assessments will take place will be required.]  Each macro-skill (listening, speaking, reading and writing) is assessed at this time. The assessment tasks are determined and cannot be changed. This will ensure moderation can take place at the same time and collaboration among JPIC teaching staff can be optimized.


The End of Term Prepared Assignment is prepared during class time and/or outside class time.  The assignment coversheet is given to students in Week One or Two of the term and completed by the end of Week Ten (or the end of the term). It is a term long, extended or in-depth task.