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Emergency Numbers Copy

After-Hours Emergency Hotline

After-Hours Emergency Hotline 1800 024 157

John Paul College has a dedicated Helpline that allows overseas students in Australia access to personal support 24/7 regardless of whether you are on or off campus.

After-Hours Student Assistance Helpline: 1800 024 157
Please save this number into your phone as soon as possible.

This is a free call from landlines anywhere in Australia and standard call rates will apply from mobile phones.

If you call this number, the person on the phone will contact someone below at JPC if the reason you are calling is urgent.

Mr Ferguson

Mr Dennis

Mr Zietsch

Mr Kerley

Mr Moran

Mr Welch

Miss McQuattie

Police - Ambulance - Fire

Call 000

Emergency (ambulance, police or fire) – call 000

The operator will ask:
Do you want Ambulance, Police, or Fire?
– What is your exact address or location?
– What is your phone number?

Remember to keep calm and speak slowly and clearly. Stay focused and only give relevant details.