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Assessment Standardisation

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Standardisation is the process by which samples of students’ work are analysed.  It is used to support teachers’ understanding of the Learning Outcomes and requirements of that class level. Samples of student work used in the standardisation process are not graded and are anonymous.  The sample must be accompanied with a cover sheet which clearly describes the assessment requirements.


The following steps should be completed during the standardisation process:

Step 1:   Prior to the standardisation meeting, staff receive copies of the sample(s) of student work and task sheet.  Staff read the assessment tasks.

Step 2:  At the standardisation meeting, staff work in small groups, collaboratively mark the assessment task(s) and come to an agreement for the awarded grade for the sample(s).

Step 3:  All teaching staff then come back together and indicate what level they have given to each sample piece and reasons for their decision.  As a group, an agreed grade level for each sample is awarded.