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All completed assessment items (Mid-term, End of Term, Prepared Assignments) and any continuous assessment items are kept in an individual student folder called an Assessment Portfolio.   For English this is a red manila folder. This folder has an Assessment Portfolio cover sheet for each Class Level studied and summarizes the assessment items for each Class Level.  As students submit assessment items, the Assessment Portfolio cover sheet is filled in with the awarded grade (A-E). Submitted assessment tasks are kept in the student’s individual Assessment Portfolio and should include a JPIC assessment cover sheet and completed criteria sheet. Prepared Assignment tasks should also include any drafting, planning or notes, as well as the final copy of the task.  It is recommended students complete the Assessment Portfolio cover sheet themselves, rather than teachers, so that they can monitor their progress throughout the course.

An up-to-date record of completed assessment tasks, results and comments is also kept electronically in Marks book so that key stakeholders can access information about student progress.  (For more details on Marks book and the school’s digital storage system see Digital Storage System: SEQTA.)

At the end of the term, the final results are recorded in the section at the bottom of the Assessment Portfolio Cover Sheet. The Assessment Portfolio is used to make judgements about the achievement of the Learning Outcomes and are used to report on the End of term achievement. Both assessment and reporting are used to monitor students’ course progress as per their conditions of their Student Visa.