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All assessment tasks must be endorsed to ensure validity, reliability, flexibility, fairness and currency as per NEAS guidelines.  Prior to each term, the Assessment Tasks for that term are endorsed by using the Assessment Endorsement Record JPIC. The endorsement process is repeated yearly or each term for any new Assessment Tasks.  


The following steps are completed for the Mid-Term, End of Term and Prepared Assignment Tasks:

Step 1:   For each Class Level print off the Assessment tasks. 

Step 2:   Three teachers complete the Assessment Endorsement Record JPIC. (Where possible a range of teachers should complete these e.g. at least one teacher from Class Level 1 to 3, and one teacher from Class Level 4 and 5.)

Step 3:  The assessment task is returned to the Class Level teacher(s) or Class Level leader. The necessary modifications are made.

Step 4:  The modifier adds in the footer, of the now modified and endorsed assessment item, ENDOR and the date (YEAR MONTH) and task type (Task A or B) in red font. e.g. ENDOR201909TASKA

Step 5: A copy of the original assessment, final modified task, and the completed Assessment Endorsement Record JPIC is submitted to the Programme Coordinator I.C. (English) and Deputy Head of International Operations for final approval.

Step 6: The endorsed assessment task is uploaded by the Class Level teacher(s) or Class Level Leader to the JPIC Planning page into the endorsed assessment folder (e.g. Class Level > Theme 1 > 2019 T4 Endorsed Assessment _ALL) with the naming convention: ENDOR Year Month Level (L) Theme (Th) Macroskill (L,R,S,W) Task A or B Name of assessment.

e.g. ENDOR201909 L5Th1 W Task A Personal Narrative

Step 7: This assessment task is reviewed and endorsed yearly.