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Let’s do it together. Copy

Let's have a look at this reading from the JPC website.


Mayfair is the premier event in the Daisy Hill area and surrounds, welcoming local Logan community members for a fun-filled afternoon carnival. Held annually, this is the major fundraiser for the John Paul College Parents and Friends’ Association. The John Paul College Fair has become a Logan tradition since its inception on 5 June 1982, before being moved to a May timeslot and renamed Mayfair. Since then it has grown into a major event for the local community on the College’s calendar. Mayfair has previously had an attendance of more than 5,000 visitors annually. The visitors come from within the local community including students, parents, grandparents, home-stay families, friends, neighbours, local community and church groups. This fantastic afternoon and evening is a cultural food fest with food provided by local food vans, performances, entertainment and amusement rides. The evening of this wonderful event ends in an amazing fireworks display.​



What is this text about?

I will use the ‘SKIMMING’ technique to identify the main idea.

This is how to do it:

a. Look at the pictures and read the heading.

b. Read quickly to find any repeated words, which you underline.

Now you can understand that the reading is about Mayfair, which is an annual  fun event at John Paul College.

 By SKIMMING this reading, I have quickly figured out what it is about.

WHY is skimming useful?

Because I can quickly decide if I am interested in going to that event or not.

What do I need to know about this event called Mayfair? I have some questions.

I will use the SCANNING technique to find answers to my questions. For example, ‘what?’, ‘when?’, ‘how long?’, ‘how much?’

This is how to do it:

I look through the text and pictures quickly to find answers to my questions:

a. What is the date and time of this year’s event?

               Answer: Friday 14 May 3pm-8pm

b. How many visitors attend every year? Answer: 5000

c. Can I invite my grandparents? Answer: Yes, you can.

d. Is there any food available? Answer: Yes, there is.

By SCANNING this reading, I have quickly found the answers to my questions.

WHY is scanning useful?

Because I can quickly know what I need and prepare before I go.