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Working with schools

Sending students to high school is very different from higher education.

JPIC Academy offers short courses and guides for agents working with school-aged students.

supporting Agencies

There are multiple aspects agents should consider when facilitating overseas study for students under 18.

At a federal level, Australia has policies and safeguards designed to protect children. This is then further strengthened through policies and regulations at a state level. In other words, child protection in Australia is taken very seriously and education agents should have a broad understanding of this space.

Another area of focus is visa requirements. School students are required to meet academic and attendance course requirements during any course delivered by a school e.g ELICOS in schools, junior secondary or Senior Secondary (QCE)

Whilst not necessarily formally recognised in a school’s representative agreement with an agent, schools often expect onshore support when dealing with students e.g. homesickness.

The JPIC Academy courses also provide information about the best way to market JPIC and our College’s unique selling points.

Digital Training

JPIC Academy is a fantastic ‘Lead Nurturing System’, which is provided free of charge to agents. Any student in the world can begin to learn at JPIC Academy before they even sign a contract with you. Through JPIC Academy, parents and students start to create a deeper connection with agents and the school before arriving in Australia. This allows agents to add value to the beginning of the enrolment pipeline and increase lead retention.

It also means students arrive in Australia ready with some knowledge of our College and learning expectations.

Media Resources

The JPIC Academy will provide you the rich media resources that you can download and may use to promote your marketing campaign such as logo, banner or videos.

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A career office professional at the executive level, Sarah has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors and has a proven track record in highly sensitive and high-pressure environments.

As a member of the College staff for over twenty years, and Executive Assistant to the Director JPIC, Sarah also oversees the process of appointing education agent partners for the College.

Sarah uses her positive outlook and energy to encourage others, and is inspired daily by the ongoing customer-centric innovations occurring at the College in the ever-changing global environment to support our students, overseas parents and the College community.


With a passion for International Education and innovative technology, Allan brings more than 15 years of marketing and engagement expertise to the student experience at JPC and JPIC. Allan is committed to creating a memorable and unique customer experience for international families from the first point of contact.

Allan’s involvement in many digital projects throughout the College has received great recognition, by providing customer focussed solutions through digital innovation.

An experienced Engagement Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Instructional Design, Management, and Email Marketing.